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Darlene Lobos


Deep Waters


Reflections upon Reflections II


Journey to the Source


Across the Veil to Silence


Meeting of the Rivers Triptych


Anthony Baker

Artists Statement

We live in difficult times when the future of the earth is uncertain. It is my hope that my paintings evoke a sense of the beauty and mystery that emanates from the natural environment with which our human existence is intimately woven. In the words of Henry David Thoreau, "It is in vain to dream of a wilderness distant from ourselves."

Curriculum Vitae

Darlene Lobos grew up on the west coast and now resides in Calgary where she paints full time. She has been involved with many aspects of art making and formalized her art training at ACAD with a BFA majoring in painting. Her work can be seen in collections throughout Canada, the US, Mexico, Argentina and the UK. Her many travels and much time spent outdoors walking and hiking have greatly influenced her work.

Darlene's landscapes fall loosely into romantic and mystical landscape painting genres although her sense of the abstract is highly evident. She generally works without visual reference and lets the painting evolve spontaneously incorporating memory or dream fragments. She often references the old masters through choice of colour palette and the modern period through use of texture.The resultant landscape evokes a sense of place infused with beauty and mystery.


June 2008 Reenchantment of the River Solo show, Elevation Gallery, Canmore, AB
2005-2008 Artpoint Gallery Group Shows Ongoing group shows, Artpoint Gallery, Calgary, AB
May 2006 A Sense of Place Solo show, Elevation 1309 Gallery, Canmore, AB
October 2004 Artrageous III Group show, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, ACAD, Calgary, AB
September 2003 Synchronisms Three artist show, Studio, Calgary, AB
April 2003 New Works Solo Show Elevation 1309, Canmore, AB
October 2002 Artrageous II Illingworth Kerr Gallery, ACAD, Calgary, AB
April 2002 Scapes: Figure, Mind and Land Three person show, Artspace Gallery, Calgary, AB
2000-2002 The Point of Art Group Shows Point of Art Gallery, Calgary, AB
May-June 2000 ACAD Grad Exhibition Illingworth Kerr Gallery, ACAD, Calgary, AB
April 2000 ACAD Painting Grad Show Harrison Galleries, Calgary, AB
Jan-Feb 2000 Riverplant CBC Calgary Newshour Gallery, Calgary, AB
June 1998 Celebrations Solo show, El Tejar Restaurant, Calgary, AB
July 1997 Selected Works - "Latinarte" Group show, El Tejar Restaurant, Calgary, AB
May & Aug 1996 Latinarte Group show, El Tejar Restaurant, Calgary, AB
1992-1995 Crescentview Artist's Association Yearly group shows, Calgary, AB